I have been a student in Launch School for a long time and I’ve noticed a lot of things I have experienced as a student, which can make one feel isolated.

I have lost count of how many times I have explained what Launch School was, when people asked me what I was studying. I became so proficient at it, I could do a ted talk on it in my sleep.

There are times when people had a negative perception of it when I told them about it or told me the course I’m doing is stupid.

In your journey…

Hello Everyone,

I am a current student at Launch School and I haven’t written an article in a very long long time.

As I am about to prepare for capstone, I would like to highlight some pitfalls for current and new students to avoid when going through their Launch School journey as these were some of the mistakes I have made.

  1. Blaming other people for your struggles at Launch School

I understand Launch School can be a very tough journey when you have unsupportive family members or friends. This is something that I have struggled with as well. Although my…

In JavaScript, when an object is created, each object has a ‘__proto__’ property that is pointing to another object.

Let’s see what this looks like in code.

This code is for illustration purposes onlylet foo = {
a: 1,
b: 2,
let bar = Object.create(foo);
When Object.create is used to create a new object, it's
__proto__ property is pointing to foo.
bar = {
__proto__: foo,
*/let baz = Object.create(bar);/*
When Object.create is used to create a new object, it's
__proto__ property is pointing to bar.
baz = {
__proto__: bar,

Good morning everyone.

Today I’m going to discuss the difference between value data types and reference data types.

Value Types

A value data type is a variable that stores its own data. An example of a value data type is an integer. Given the code example below

int number = 5;

The variable number is storing the value of 5.

Reference Types

A reference data type doesn’t store the value of that data, it actually stores the reference to the data instead.

It doesn’t tell the compiler what the value of the data is, but where to find the data.

If you’re new to C#, this is a very important concept. In some languages such as Ruby, this concept doesn’t exist.

Overloading methods is the idea that you can have two methods with the same name, but different signatures.

Signatures refers to the name of the methods and it’s parameter type or types.


public static void print() {
Console.WriteLine("There are no parameters to print");
public static void print(string name) {
Console.WriteLine("Printing {0}", name);

As you can see above we have two methods with the name print() . Both of them have different signatures. The first print() method…

As I have progressed through Launch School, I’ve noticed there are some patterns as I go through each part of the course and I decided I wanted to use this to my advantage and develop a system for learning the material.

Disclaimer: This is my system for learning, this isn’t necessarily the only way to learn, just one way to learn that’s all.

Based on my observations after studying in Launch School for about 8 months, I have observed 3 types of information in the readings and it can be separated into 3 topics.

  1. ) Conceptual — Information that is…

Imagine you’re taking a road trip by yourself from New York City to San Francisco without a map, GPS, or any sort of guidance system. As you’re driving and trying to figure out how to get there without relying on any sort of guidance. You’ll likely spend hours on your trip stopping and asking for directions, you may get lost sometimes, and god forbid end up in Canada.

This is exactly how learning programming on your own feels like. As hard-working and motivated we are, it’s hard to accomplish this feat by yourself. …

Update: I just aced my assessment and I am now doing the web development course in Launch School and I’m very excited to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

Since I started Launch School, I have learned many programming concepts and techniques such as object oriented programming, testing, problem solving, and debugging.

I’ve also learned things that aren’t taught in this program and are not part of any of these assessments. I’ve learned a lot of soft skills as well, such as patience, learning to handle any fears and doubts that you have, and always looking to improve.


So a quick update on my journey at Launch School. I am now writing in object oriented programming in Ruby and I am currently learning about testing and it’s pretty awesome.

Now to get to the what this entry is all about. I find a lot of beginners like myself given bad advice from people who most of the time do not have a lot of credibility in software engineering.

A lot of people will tell you that you can know the basics and become job ready, in other words you can do the bare minimum and get a job…

As you’ve probably noticed, the word “mastery” is often thrown around a lot at Launch School, but what does it actually mean?

So my cousin has a 1 1/2 year old toddler.

Last year when I met the little guy, he was struggling to walk. He was about 9 months at the time.

In this case, mastery is literally crawling before walking and walking before running. …

Abhi Reddy

Technology Professional

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