API Integrations

1. API Authorization

2. Understanding API provider’s documentation

3. Maintenance

  • Authentication type changing
  • Endpoints being added, modified, or removed
  • Changing the data returned by endpoints

Building a Single integration

Building multiple API integrations


  • Xero
  • Quickbooks
  • Facebook
  • Stripe
  • Google Analytics
  • Salesforce

Past decisions made

1. Authorization

Poindexter’s Token Refresh Workflow

  1. If the access token is set to expire soon, Poindexter sends a requests to Xero’s authorization server with a refresh token for a new access token.
  2. With the new access token, Poindexter makes a request to Xero’s resource server for a protected resource

2. Documentation

3. Maintenance

Lessons learned


Integrating with APIs using Paragon Connect

  1. The user requests a Paragon user token from the server, and the Paragon user token is needed to access Paragon’s ConnectAPI.
    (API is built in Ruby on Rails)

Challenge faced with Paragon


  • Integrating APIs allows applications to share data and communicate with each other freely
  • The most common challenges of integrating APIs are API authorization, understanding documentation, and maintaining API integrations
  • Understanding the API provider’s documentation
  • Authorization to access APIs
  • Maintaining API Integrations
  • Engineering teams will have to face the same challenges every time they integrate a new API
  • Integration as a Platform tools such as Paragon abstract away all of the challenges of integrating APIs, so that engineers can focus on other tasks
  • The advantage to integrating directly with APIs is that data trust and technical trust can be ensured


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Software Engineer

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