Hidden Lessons and convictions

So I took my very first assessment and I am happy to say I have passed. I still feel I need some improvements though and will continue to get better.

Prior to the first assessment, I’ve heard stories that senior developers not getting past the first assessment and I was having doubts whether I was good enough for Launch School and if I can get over that bar.

While I was preparing for my assessment, I was looking at some of the much harder exercises and I had some doubts if I can even do these or not. I want to become a quality software developer and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

So as far as the Hidden lessons, you have to let your convictions be stronger than your doubts and you will go far in this program. You have to adopt this mindset you can do anything by being open minded and taking constantly trying to challenge yourself.

Because of that belief that I have in myself, I was able to do some of the harder exercises that I wasn’t even sure possible.

After the assessment, I have raised my bar even higher and I hope that everyone does the same because I know y’all are capable of it.

Technology Professional

Technology Professional