Launch School Mistakes

Hello Everyone,

I am a current student at Launch School and I haven’t written an article in a very long long time.

As I am about to prepare for capstone, I would like to highlight some pitfalls for current and new students to avoid when going through their Launch School journey as these were some of the mistakes I have made.

  1. Blaming other people for your struggles at Launch School

I understand Launch School can be a very tough journey when you have unsupportive family members or friends. This is something that I have struggled with as well. Although my parents are supportive of me doing capstone now, my dad was not always supportive of it until my mom talked to him (Thanks mom). Most of y’all are grown adults and you have to take ownership of your own future if you want to make your dreams and goals come true. My parents weren’t the reason why I was distracted at Launch School, I was. Conflicts happen, but when you are studying, outside distractions should not be allowed, including conflicts with parents or personal life.

2. Rushing to meet a capstone deadline

The anxiety when it comes to meeting a cohort deadline is very real and can force even the best students to compromise deep learning. This happened to me twice and I take full responsibility for it. Be very careful about this temptation to rush through the material to meet a deadline.

3. Getting away from what was working

I did mostly well in the Ruby courses, but when I took 2 of the JavaScript written assessments, I didn’t do so great and it’s because all I did was read each lesson and create flashcards and did not practice writing out the concepts like I should have.

If I could have done it all over again, here is my process

  1. Read the material to make sure you comprehend everything
  2. Go through each lesson and create flashcards only to help retain information. Flashcards are great for memory retention, it’s not great for understanding
  3. Read every little word because those small words here and there make a huge difference
  4. While going through the study guide, write every little detail about each section regarding the topic and practice writing out those concepts of exercises with code examples.

I just wanted to highlight some of my struggles which I could have avoided and hopefully you guys will too. I want everyone to do well and I hope everyone can avoid the mistakes that I have made in order to succeed.

Technology Professional