Update: I just aced my assessment and I am now doing the web development course in Launch School and I’m very excited to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

Since I started Launch School, I have learned many programming concepts and techniques such as object oriented programming, testing, problem solving, and debugging.

I’ve also learned things that aren’t taught in this program and are not part of any of these assessments. I’ve learned a lot of soft skills as well, such as patience, learning to handle any fears and doubts that you have, and always looking to improve.

Before I started this program, I wanted a job, but I realized that it’s not a good motivation, because you end up only doing the bare minimum. I always tell new students starting this program to focus on becoming the best developer you can be and the job will come.

Programming, is like anything else in life, you absolutely have to put in the time, hours, and also have the patience to be great in whatever you do.

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