Why learning programming by yourself is hard?

Imagine you’re taking a road trip by yourself from New York City to San Francisco without a map, GPS, or any sort of guidance system. As you’re driving and trying to figure out how to get there without relying on any sort of guidance. You’ll likely spend hours on your trip stopping and asking for directions, you may get lost sometimes, and god forbid end up in Canada.

This is exactly how learning programming on your own feels like. As hard-working and motivated we are, it’s hard to accomplish this feat by yourself. Sure there are self-taught developers out there who are very brilliant, but not many can say the same and it’s not necessarily something to feel ashamed or inadequate about.

It’s 2016 and it’s harder than ever now these days with tools and frameworks like Angular, React, and Rails releasing everyday. It’s very easy to get lost and not know where to begin.

Here is my list of the main reasons why it’s difficult to become a developer an employer is desperate to hire these days by yourself:

  • It’s very hard to provide yourself direction in what you need to learn and in what order because you don’t have much experience to draw from to pursue becoming that quality developer.
  • You don’t know how deep you need to go into a topic before going onto the next course and don’t know how to gauge where your skill level is and that’s when you freak out and get frustrated when you’re trying to learn tools like NodeJS or Angular.
  • With all these tools popping up every minute, it’s easy to get lost and learn this to get that job instead of focusing on the fundamentals.

It’s very easy to say you’re not smart enough or good enough, but you have to understand that learning software engineering is hard to do by yourself because you have no experience in how to learn a programming language. Even the most brilliant programmers would face similar struggles today because of the reasons above.

It takes a village to raise a programmer.

Technology Professional

Technology Professional